The Unique World of Jewellery Boxes

When the opportunity arises to store special jewels and sentimental pieces, putting things into a drawer or a safe place can seem daunting. There are so many spots in a home that can easily be accessed by strangers, and that’s where it’s important to find a nice, decorative jewellery box to make sure that valuables are kept in one spot, safely. Some of the most unique options that are available to consumers today are elaborate in design and are encrusted with semi precious stones, the likes that can be appreciated by anyone that gazes upon their splendor. Before investing into one of these impressive options, make sure to look at 3 tips for selecting the right option for you or your loved one.

First and foremost it’s vastly important to look at the size and shape of jewellery boxes. For those that have a lot of keepsakes, it can be valuable to look at a variety of different sizing options, to ensure that all pieces can fit inside the option purchased. A small case is available but those that are in need of larger options those are also accessible.

Second, assess the style and nuances on hand. Semi precious stones and elaborate designs can be etched into a variety of jewellery boxes that will sometimes outshine the products placed inside. If this option is a gift for someone, or if it’s something that is being purchased for ones self, it’s important to make sure that individual taste is reflected. There are a wide variety of elaborate options as well as more conservative designs, all of which are functional.

Lastly, always consider budget. More elaborately designed pieces will naturally cost more, and could end up breaking some people’s budget. It’s always important to look for options that are well within a budget, and do not break the bank.

Assessing the aforementioned 3 things can help anyone select the right gift option for themselves, a spouse, or even a friend. Semi precious stones are never a bad idea to invest into for the purpose of giving, as they are accessible by many walks of life and do not cost nearly as much as other jewels in the general market. When the right box is found, do not hesitate and purchase it if it meets all the criteria, as it can bring a smile to anybody’s face within moments of gazing upon it.

Semi-Precious Stone Gift Shop – 3 Things You can Purchase To Delight Anyone

No matter what the occasion is, people deserve a little more thought than to hand over another gift card or a well wish. Gifts are hard to come by in terms of unique qualities, but for those that are looking for an opportunity to establish something more than the traditional, there are some very unique things to look into. This is especially true for those willing to check out a high quality semi-precious stone gift shop. There are a variety of gift ideas that can make anyone smile, and among them are the following 3 options, all created for the glory of giving.

The first option to look into is stone cigar cases. Whether a person smokes or not, there is a certain elegance and class that is placed when a person pulls out a nice case. The case can be used to carry around smoking apparatuses or simply to hold coins, cards, and much more. Taking a person back to the classy days of smoking is as simple as giving one of these eclectic carriers.

A second choice to look at in regards to semi-precious stone gift shop ideas is fancy jewellery boxes. Boxes of this type are encrusted with fine stones, and mixed materials to make an interesting and unique option to store precious keepsakes. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to consider, the designs are elaborate and personalized in a way that anyone will smile upon receiving it as a gift.

A third option is a nice semi-precious stone mantel clock. This functional option is beyond antiquity; it has a luxury and craftsmanship that most people can appreciate. Whether it is in fact placed on a mantel, or in the middle of a tabletop, these clocks are full of prestige, offer great overall style, luxury, and visual aesthetic that can’t be easily matched.

The aforementioned are just three options that can be purchased to give a person a unique taste of what’s available through a gift shop that specializes in unique, hand crafted, and rare items. These items are not mass-produced or made for profit only; they are created with unique aspects in mind. Smiles will fill a room immediately upon receiving and giving such a classic gift. Consider the above 3 as just a taste of what can be bought. People of all ages can appreciate the luster and sheen of these precious items.

The positive energy of semi-precious stones

Houses, office spaces, schools, and various other establishments each give out a certain vibe, a feel of energy unique to the place. One can imagine being in a packed toy store during holiday season and recall the cramped, antsy feeling that comes with being with all those people rushing to and from racks and packing the checkout counters. Indeed, much of the energy of a place is given off by its inhabitants, transient of permanent. While it may not be of good advice to nonchalantly evict a member of the household for ‘giving off negative energy’, one can decorate a place of residence or work with various items—mantel clocks, vases, or candlesticks—that give off positive energy conducive to a healthy, more peaceful living space.

Gifts shops offer a whole array of options for decorating a living space. Decorative spheres are a unique and not-too-common choice. These spheres are thought to give off positive energy that protects the health and vitality of the living space and the people inhabiting it. Decorative spheres come in various materials and semi-precious stones, making them unique handmade jewellery gift choices. Another variant of the decorative sphere is the decorative egg. The egg is a classic symbol of fertility, youthful energy, and new beginnings. Both decorative eggs and spheres come in various semi-precious stones and materials such as amethyst, citrine, hawk eye, and tiger-eye, each of which affords the owner or the decorated place a certain positive energy.

For those looking for a more traditional touch, mantel clocks and candlesticks are good options. Mantel clocks carved out of natural stone give off a healthy atmosphere to any space it adorns, also making for great conversation pieces for the less superstitious. Octagon-shaped mantel clocks are said to bring harmony and good luck, while pieces carved in animal shapes such as horse mantel clocks exude a sense of unbridled freedom and beauty. Other variants include mantel clocks made of selenite, which exude originality and mystery.

On the other hand, different types of candlesticks give off different types of, but equally cheery moods. Selenite candlesticks are made to evoke the feel of each of the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Flower-shaped candlesticks are charming and lagoon candlesticks are subtle. All in all, there are various choices for many different types of people.

Another good gift shop item is the decorative flower made of semi-precious stones. In general, handmade jewellery evokes a luxurious feel and craftsmanship, but decorative flowers made of chalcedony not only look and feel luxurious, but also give off a healthy ambience. They may be either made to resemble flowers, which symbolize fertility and the bloom of life, or as trees and fruits, which symbolize happiness, growth, and prosperity.

To close, decorating a living space often more than meets the eye. Just as the mood of a place is dictated by the mood of the people that occupy it, mantel clocks, candlesticks, and other items made of or set in semi-precious stones also give off certain energies.

Chess Sets From The Future – Semi-Precious Stone Game Boards

There are few games that stand the test of time. For thousands of years one game seems to have garnered respect, from novices to experts. One game seems to capture the imagination of scholars, simpletons, and every walk of life. The game in question is none other than, chess. It is similar to ancient mantel clocks. This marvelous game can be played by anyone but mastered by few. For those that love the game, there are some great options to choose from in regards to semi-precious stone game boards. Some might even consider the beautiful craftsmanship somewhat futuristic; with some people claiming that the chess sets made of fine stonework are from the future. The nuances to each set is quite amazing, and even the pieces take a step forward to illuminate the game a bit more than just the average turn of events.

Some people refer to the game as too brainy, or too hard, but those that enjoy it on a regular basis, will appreciate the nuances of having a handcrafted board. Semi-precious stones chess sets are valuable, and are made of the finest materials. They are not all the same, as it takes a special skill set to create them. Most options of this nature are not mass produced and made in a factory, they are carefully designed, weighed and carved out of precious stones to create a board worth showing off.

People have been known to not only get into a fierce competition with others, but also display the board in a room with their books, movies, or even music collections. The stone inlay in contrast to the pieces really shines through to create a very interesting dichotomy of style that is not emulated by other games. The elaborate nature of the stone, discoloration and overall style really does make for one of the best options in terms of game play.

Much like there are many ways to win a game of chess, there are many styles that a person can choose from in regards to chess sets made of stone. Not only are there different variations of weight, color, style, size, and game pieces, but also price. The only downside to the game boards is that they require some cleaning and careful tactical maneuvering. With such a fine finish, some might scratch the surface, but with careful play and an attention to detail anyone can enjoy the game that has been celebrated throughout the centuries by millions of people from all walks of life.

How to Find the Perfect Gift

Are you done browsing gift shops for the perfect gift that is getting more and more unreal as you get to the occasion when it is needed? It has been said that there is not a thing such as an original idea. Everything that you are thinking might have been though about by another person in an earlier time. Of course, modern times would have changed many different preferences, but no one could ever deny how it feels to receive something as precious as jewelries.

Men and women both appreciate jewelries. There are certain people who do prefer other sorts of accessories, but all of them boils down to one category and that, people, is jewelry. You might be open to many different kinds of gifts too, but one could daresay that a piece of jewelry is one of the safest gifts that you could give to another person, whether it be a teenager, a young adult, an adult or an elderly person.

First off, you should decide on your budget. Precious gifts don’t always need to hurt your budget. This helps in narrowing down the choices if you have any. There are times when people are torn between several gifts to buy. Most of the times these gifts are completely unrelated and it would be very awkward to give them all at the same time. When you couldn’t make a decision between many items, cut down your budget and see what fits.

Consider the event. What is the occasion or what is the celebration for? You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself or your friend by giving him or her a gift that is most inappropriate for an occasion. Choose a gift that is most likely to be appreciated. Do you need to give her something that she would keep in her heart forever? Or do you just need to give her something to make her remember you? Consider the reason why you are giving your friend a gift, and you would be surprised at how easily the ideas could come to you.

Males would generally love gadgets, learning and adventure. Women would appreciate connection, pampering and intricate gifts. While most men would want to get a new GPS for his car, a woman would want to have bracelets with semi-precious stones. Decide on the colors, as this could narrow your choices even more. However, these precious gifts aren’t only for girls. There is a significant amount of men who appreciate gemstones too. Most people would think that jewelry boxes are only for women, but where does a man keep his jewelry when he doesn’t need them?

If you are thinking about giving a gift to a hobbyist, you might find the inclination to give something related to her hobby. If the person collects candlesticks, you might have a hard time giving her something that is unique to her. If you give her a personalized candlestick, you could be sure that you have given her something special. Be creative in giving, and the joy of giving would come naturally.

Handmade jewelry: The bling of the times

Handmade jewelry

When the word “handmade” is mentioned, what comes to mind is personal, made to order, custom made. It implies that something was made by hand, personalized for the receiver and given from the heart, with the receiver’s best qualities in mind. Handmade jewellery on the other hand, implies a whole different thing, since jewelry are accessories used to express personal statements, symbols of one’s personality. Therefore, the more personal the gift, the more that the giver is remembered and thought of. Plus, the joy that is felt upon knowing that you are a receiver of something that took a lot of time and effort to make is something priceless and unforgettable.

handmade jewelry

Giving handmade jewellery is usually reserved for those truly special to our hearts. Table sets, chess sets and vases are personal and make great gifts but nothing says special and loved than jewelry. It can come in all types, like those made with semi-precious stones with healing, protective and restorative properties beneficial to the receiver. For example, moonstone jewellery is said to aid in digestion, prevent epilepsy episodes, soothes overexcitement, cure headaches, nosebleeds and sun stroke. It also brings good fortune and enhances passion and is preferably given to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. Garnet jewelry has been known to possess healing properties as well as bring strength and protection. It is believed to relieve skin inflammations, regulate blood flow and cure depression. It is a great gift for creative people like artists and writers, as well as a token of friendship especially for friends who will be parting ways to ensure they will see each other again someday.

Garnet jewelry is also given to those who work in the army, navy and the marines, as well as to those who work as coast guards, policemen, sheriffs, deputies and prison guards as protection in the line of duty. In the old days, it also served as protection against thieves and prevents one from feelings of loneliness and isolation. Amethyst jewelry on the other hand, is thought to help with drunkenness and overcoming addiction, as well as healing hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and was also suggested to be useful in calming mental disorders. It is also the perfect gift for those who have incredible temper to make them gentle and friendly. If you are interested in giving gifts that will provide the receiver with positive energy and make them feel good, decorative spheres come close to handmade jewellery as excellent options as these spheres are effective especially when they are held. It diffuses negative area and promotes a positive aura in the home.

When choosing your gifts to give, remember that the semi-precious stones that these handmade jewellery are made from must be chosen with care, paying particular attention to the qualities of the stones and if it fits the receiver’s qualities and traits. Also believing in the stones’ beneficial properties also help, otherwise it will just be a meaningless bauble, which is the last thing you want it to be.

Mirrors For The Fair Ladies: Give the Best Gift of Love

“Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?” How many times does a woman look at her reflection? Once, twice – Or probably, ten times a day! The thing is – women can actually take a look at themselves on any reflective thing for the nth time in a day. Femmes are not necessarily vain creatures, but they do accept the fact that they appreciate being prim and proper. On the other hand, a woman’s attraction to mirrors can be the perfect opportunity for males to impress their ladies.

What better way can women remember their men than to see something that will remind her of him every minute? Exactly. Mirrors are the perfect gifts that the “Martians” can give to the “Venusians.”

Consequently, there are a lot of mirrors to choose from and a guy should follow the rule of elimination in finding the best mirror for his fair lady. To avoid any hassles and faux pas, and to avoid being yelled at – guys, follow these tips on picking the best mirror for her:

  • Small is sexy. If a guy would want to give a mirror to her lover for her to remember him always – then size would really matter here. Do away with large, oval, and elaborately designed hand mirrors (those usually featured in Snow White) as these are too heavy to carry and would most probably just end up being left at home. Mirrors that are perfect for stashing in the bag are compact or pocket mirrors!

  • Get a handmade pocket mirror. Okay, so the pocket mirror is a great choice, but guys should never be contented with just handing over a cheap small piece of gift. Instead, giving a pocket mirror that is more than just a pocket mirror will surely captivate the heart of the receiver. Ordering handmade pocket mirrors from any famous gifts shop is a good idea. Usually, handmade shops have a complete line of handcrafted pocket mirrors with semi-precious stones all with different designs.

  • Go for quality. Girls are not only vain creatures, but they are also gentle beings that are so much in love with flowery designs and things that can last a fortune. So for guys who would want to secure their places in the hearts of their loved ones – giving quality gifts is always a top priority. There are bogus sellers of handcrafted pocket mirrors so being careful and keen enough to spot the not is important. Since there are several shops that offer handcrafted pocket mirrors, it is always wise to look for one that gives quality at and affordable price.

  • Personalize it. Girls develop a special kind of connection with things bearing their names. Guys can go that little extra mile by asking the handcrafter to place the name of the girl on the pocket mirror for an added touch.

Without a doubt, girls always consider unique gift pieces as precious and treasured. Aside from giving her a stylish pocket mirror, other gifts such as handmade jewelry, garnet jewelry, moonstone jewelry and jewelry boxes are also as alluring and lovable. Indeed, guys should give their girlfriends the best pocket mirrors in town – handmade pocket mirrors with stone facing!

Classic luxury – Stone cigar cases

While many people store their cigarettes and cigars in the box they came in, for everyday use, for those special occasions, where every element of your outfit has to speak to class and luxury, then you need a semi-precious stones cigar case.

These cases are usually metal with inlays of semi-precious stone in the top of the container and are designed to hold enough cigarettes or cigars for an evening out. They are a great way to limit how many you smoke while at an event, and can make a strong statement about your taste in stone and colour – adding a splash of colour and to what is an otherwise bland and similarly decorated package to other smokers. While this doesn’t matter to some, others might feel this extra touch of class is exactly what they need to make a statement, or add a touch of luxury to their cigarette or cigar storage.

Three classic stone inlays

Stone inlaid products are often designed to look incredible – a layer of stone is affixed to the areas of a case or other box as a decorative layer. This creates an elegant, amazing product that looks good, feels good and is highly functional in any situation that you could think of.

Some products are made of mosaic style overlays, while others are designed with one single sheet of stone – each product choice is designed around highlighting the unique and perfect beauty of the piece or pieces of stone and can be enjoyed no matter what the occasion, whether that occasion is formal or casual.

There are three classic stone inlays for stone cigar cases – depending on your taste in stone it will depend on the type of case you finally choose, but there are three distinct types – Jasper, Rhodonite or Charoite.

Jasper is orange, golden or pale yellow and works well with lighter colours and tones. Rhodonite is a deeper colour, red, a touch of blue and black or sometimes, a very pale purple purple, while Charolite ranges from light to deep purple. Each inlay works well most suit colours, and protects the contents against various weather conditions in any climate.

Other uses

There are several dozen other uses for stone cigar cases, one of which is storing business cards. Using these cases to store business cards might seem odd, but if you can’t find a business card case that you like this might be the ideal solution – especially if you’re a smoker – buy one to keep your cigars and cigarettes, and use the other for your business cards – the matched set or even two complimentary stones will impress people and give you a strong talking point no matter what sort of meeting you’re at.

The three best pieces of semi-precious stone jewellery and why you should choose them

While it’s often not critical to follow the advice of fashion blogs when you follow the trends and enjoy experimenting, there are five pieces on our site that are just too gorgeous not to highlight – which is why we’ve put together this list of the five best pieces on our site, in our opinion. There is a wide range of other items out there for you to enjoy, these five are must haves, no matter what outfit or style you’re looking at.

Beads and necklaces

Nothing says elegance like the sublime lines of two of our pieces – if you’re looking for contemporary, classic beads, but don’t want to go with pearls, our Snowflake obsidian necklace is the perfect piece for you.  The blend of black, white and muted greys means that it matches with almost any outfit, and makes a statement without being overwhelming or over bearing with certain outfits.  Paired with a simple black shift dress, or with a white shirt and skirt, these beads say perfection and flawless beauty.

Looking for something a little more off beat?  Choose beads such as soft rose quartz, or elegant pieces of turquoise cut one of several ways – they make a statement that will catch anyone’s eye.



While there are a myriad of choices out there, our favourites are the understated Jasper, or the bold and beautiful Sardonyx.  The sardonyx earrings are specifically designed to make a signature statement without being domineering.  It’s critical however to understand that choosing earrings is a process that can’t be rushed and that like shapes of dress, certain styles match certain face shapes, so it’s important to ensure that you choose the style that suits you.

If you can wear them, the Rhinestone chandelier style pieces are some of the most elegant and will make your neck look longer and more refined.  Wear with an up do and an understated necklace and a show stopping dress and you’ll be ready for a night on the town.


One of the area’s most women overlook is bracelet – they can be an accent statement to any necklace or earrings, or can be signature pieces all on their own.  One of the best ways to wear bracelet is to find a piece that really speaks to you and then go for it – heavy or light, you’ll find a piece that works with your style.

Lazulite is an amazing statement piece, though if you find that you’re anxious and highly strung, using something like hematite will provide you with some much needed grounding and balance.  Quartz is good for clarity, and can be clear, making it an easy piece to wear with anything, while agate speaks of good taste, and can be worn without much effort.

Stone candlesticks – candle holders with class

One of the most beautiful items you can add to your repertoire are semi-precious stone candlesticks – whether you’re interested in finding a set of candles to match your décor, or you want to choose a set that works well with your favourite stone choice, you can’t go wrong with stone candlesticks made from semi-precious stones. Taper candles and tea light candles made of stone work well with candles.

Stone candlestick choices

There are dozens of choices that you can make for stone candlesticks – from their shape and size, to the stones they are made of – depending on what sort of ‘feel’ you’d like to create. Whether you’ve got décor that is class and contemporary – or whether you’re looking for something that says modern and stylish, you can choose a style that matches with what you’d like. Many people overlook the idea that they can use a tea light holder as an elegant centrepiece, instead of thinking of candlesticks as simply these that hold long taper candles. It’s also critical to consider whether you want to work with one or several matching holders, and choose appropriately – allowing you to mix and match styles with stones or different cuts and metals. It depends on what look you’d like to achieve.

Stone candlesticks for dining room tables

If you’re looking for a stylish compliment to your dining room table, then look no further than semiprecious stone candlesticks – they can match your crockery, your table cloth, or your décor, or if you’ve got a tied in style, all three. Taper candles on a dining room table, strung down the centre and evenly spaced, up to five or ten in a line make a bold statement and give you room, on an eight or ten foot dining room table, to fit food or other times between the candles. While this may seem out of reach on small dining room tables, for example a circular one, you could set up a ring of candles in one ring right in the centre – five makes a great statement and counterpoint to the expected even number of candle sticks, and can be grouped close enough together that there’s still plenty of room for everything you need.

Stone candlesticks for mantelpieces

One of the signature statements you can use taper candles for is to match either end of your mantelpiece with stone candlesticks, accented with matching stones and metals will allow you to work well with any décor and make a bold statement about timeless class and design know how that will last longer than the actual decoration in your room. These candlesticks, no matter what the stone you choose, will make a bold and amazing design statement that you can admire for years to come. Candlestick holders that are made of semi-precious stones look very natural with mantel clocks made of the same material.