Stone desk sets as the perfect corporate gift

Ever struggled to find the perfect gift for your office bound companion?  How about that graduate starting in a new job in a corporate cube?  Writing and desk sets are the ideal gift for your new office starter, or someone that’s been in their office for a while, because they make the table come alive.  Stone writing corporate desk sets are often designed to look great, whilst serving several functions – card holder, clock, and a resting place for pens, pencils and other materials that you might need in your job.  Most of all though, they make the perfect gift.

Desk sets for the office junior

A starter desk set can be designed to hold business cards – a stone writing corporate desk sets can not only brighten up a desk, and serve as a functional, practical focal point for those all-important contacts that they can use to build their career later.  With built in clocks, they come in a range of colours to suit every room, and every taste.
It’s of critical importance to understand that these stone gifts aren’t mass produced, so each can be tailored and chosen based on the individual likes and dislikes of the person that is receiving it.  If you’re not sure whether they’ve got a specific stone that they like, you might want to choose something like serpentine (black/grey/green) or agate (a slice of colour).

The eponymous gift for managers and seniors

Table sets are often the best way to commemorate a wonderful career, show a mark of respect for your beloved mentor.  You can choose them, again, based on colour or preferences, and chances are, you’ll know what their favourite colours or stones or designs are. Stone writing desk sets come in one of a range of several designs which hold business cards, pens, and can be inset with clocks or feature other ornaments to complete their look.  Again, as they aren’t mass produced, they are unique, so is a good, solid gift for anyone that looks for something unique, yet functional.

The best gift to commemorate a job well done

When people eventually retire, they’ll still need a stone writing desk set– having a good set to also commemorate their time in business will give them something with fond memories to instil their joy and enjoyment of work into.  A writing set will also give your retiree the possibility to use it over the rest of their lives, and allow them to store any cards of people they want to keep in touch with.  The art of writing is something that many people treasure, even in the electronic age, so if you’re sure that your retiree would like to keep in touch, and write; this is the gift to offer them.

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