Classic luxury – Stone cigar cases

While many people store their cigarettes and cigars in the box they came in, for everyday use, for those special occasions, where every element of your outfit has to speak to class and luxury, then you need a semi-precious stones cigar case.

These cases are usually metal with inlays of semi-precious stone in the top of the container and are designed to hold enough cigarettes or cigars for an evening out. They are a great way to limit how many you smoke while at an event, and can make a strong statement about your taste in stone and colour – adding a splash of colour and to what is an otherwise bland and similarly decorated package to other smokers. While this doesn’t matter to some, others might feel this extra touch of class is exactly what they need to make a statement, or add a touch of luxury to their cigarette or cigar storage.

Three classic stone inlays

Stone inlaid products are often designed to look incredible – a layer of stone is affixed to the areas of a case or other box as a decorative layer. This creates an elegant, amazing product that looks good, feels good and is highly functional in any situation that you could think of.

Some products are made of mosaic style overlays, while others are designed with one single sheet of stone – each product choice is designed around highlighting the unique and perfect beauty of the piece or pieces of stone and can be enjoyed no matter what the occasion, whether that occasion is formal or casual.

There are three classic stone inlays for stone cigar cases – depending on your taste in stone it will depend on the type of case you finally choose, but there are three distinct types – Jasper, Rhodonite or Charoite.

Jasper is orange, golden or pale yellow and works well with lighter colours and tones. Rhodonite is a deeper colour, red, a touch of blue and black or sometimes, a very pale purple purple, while Charolite ranges from light to deep purple. Each inlay works well most suit colours, and protects the contents against various weather conditions in any climate.

Other uses

There are several dozen other uses for stone cigar cases, one of which is storing business cards. Using these cases to store business cards might seem odd, but if you can’t find a business card case that you like this might be the ideal solution – especially if you’re a smoker – buy one to keep your cigars and cigarettes, and use the other for your business cards – the matched set or even two complimentary stones will impress people and give you a strong talking point no matter what sort of meeting you’re at.

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