Mirrors For The Fair Ladies: Give the Best Gift of Love

“Mirror, mirror on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?” How many times does a woman look at her reflection? Once, twice – Or probably, ten times a day! The thing is – women can actually take a look at themselves on any reflective thing for the nth time in a day. Femmes are not necessarily vain creatures, but they do accept the fact that they appreciate being prim and proper. On the other hand, a woman’s attraction to mirrors can be the perfect opportunity for males to impress their ladies.

What better way can women remember their men than to see something that will remind her of him every minute? Exactly. Mirrors are the perfect gifts that the “Martians” can give to the “Venusians.”

Consequently, there are a lot of mirrors to choose from and a guy should follow the rule of elimination in finding the best mirror for his fair lady. To avoid any hassles and faux pas, and to avoid being yelled at – guys, follow these tips on picking the best mirror for her:

  • Small is sexy. If a guy would want to give a mirror to her lover for her to remember him always – then size would really matter here. Do away with large, oval, and elaborately designed hand mirrors (those usually featured in Snow White) as these are too heavy to carry and would most probably just end up being left at home. Mirrors that are perfect for stashing in the bag are compact or pocket mirrors!

  • Get a handmade pocket mirror. Okay, so the pocket mirror is a great choice, but guys should never be contented with just handing over a cheap small piece of gift. Instead, giving a pocket mirror that is more than just a pocket mirror will surely captivate the heart of the receiver. Ordering handmade pocket mirrors from any famous gifts shop is a good idea. Usually, handmade shops have a complete line of handcrafted pocket mirrors with semi-precious stones all with different designs.

  • Go for quality. Girls are not only vain creatures, but they are also gentle beings that are so much in love with flowery designs and things that can last a fortune. So for guys who would want to secure their places in the hearts of their loved ones – giving quality gifts is always a top priority. There are bogus sellers of handcrafted pocket mirrors so being careful and keen enough to spot the not is important. Since there are several shops that offer handcrafted pocket mirrors, it is always wise to look for one that gives quality at and affordable price.

  • Personalize it. Girls develop a special kind of connection with things bearing their names. Guys can go that little extra mile by asking the handcrafter to place the name of the girl on the pocket mirror for an added touch.

Without a doubt, girls always consider unique gift pieces as precious and treasured. Aside from giving her a stylish pocket mirror, other gifts such as handmade jewelry, garnet jewelry, moonstone jewelry and jewelry boxes are also as alluring and lovable. Indeed, guys should give their girlfriends the best pocket mirrors in town – handmade pocket mirrors with stone facing!

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