Handmade jewelry: The bling of the times

Handmade jewelry

When the word “handmade” is mentioned, what comes to mind is personal, made to order, custom made. It implies that something was made by hand, personalized for the receiver and given from the heart, with the receiver’s best qualities in mind. Handmade jewellery on the other hand, implies a whole different thing, since jewelry are accessories used to express personal statements, symbols of one’s personality. Therefore, the more personal the gift, the more that the giver is remembered and thought of. Plus, the joy that is felt upon knowing that you are a receiver of something that took a lot of time and effort to make is something priceless and unforgettable.

handmade jewelry

Giving handmade jewellery is usually reserved for those truly special to our hearts. Table sets, chess sets and vases are personal and make great gifts but nothing says special and loved than jewelry. It can come in all types, like those made with semi-precious stones with healing, protective and restorative properties beneficial to the receiver. For example, moonstone jewellery is said to aid in digestion, prevent epilepsy episodes, soothes overexcitement, cure headaches, nosebleeds and sun stroke. It also brings good fortune and enhances passion and is preferably given to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers. Garnet jewelry has been known to possess healing properties as well as bring strength and protection. It is believed to relieve skin inflammations, regulate blood flow and cure depression. It is a great gift for creative people like artists and writers, as well as a token of friendship especially for friends who will be parting ways to ensure they will see each other again someday.

Garnet jewelry is also given to those who work in the army, navy and the marines, as well as to those who work as coast guards, policemen, sheriffs, deputies and prison guards as protection in the line of duty. In the old days, it also served as protection against thieves and prevents one from feelings of loneliness and isolation. Amethyst jewelry on the other hand, is thought to help with drunkenness and overcoming addiction, as well as healing hearing disorders, insomnia, headaches and was also suggested to be useful in calming mental disorders. It is also the perfect gift for those who have incredible temper to make them gentle and friendly. If you are interested in giving gifts that will provide the receiver with positive energy and make them feel good, decorative spheres come close to handmade jewellery as excellent options as these spheres are effective especially when they are held. It diffuses negative area and promotes a positive aura in the home.

When choosing your gifts to give, remember that the semi-precious stones that these handmade jewellery are made from must be chosen with care, paying particular attention to the qualities of the stones and if it fits the receiver’s qualities and traits. Also believing in the stones’ beneficial properties also help, otherwise it will just be a meaningless bauble, which is the last thing you want it to be.

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  1. Plain

    I totally agree with the author that this handmade jeweleries would be he perfect present for our beloved ones.

    July 12, 2011 at 8:40 am

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