Stone vases for every flower type

If you’re interested in choosing a stone vase with class, style and design lines that you can’t find elsewhere, or you’ve found that glass vases don’t work well with what you’re trying to say with your décor, then you might want to consider working with a semi-precious stone vase instead.

Semi-precious – all valuable

Semi-precious stone vases are designed to highlight the beauty of the stone they are made from – they create an air and allure of design that can’t be beaten by any other type of vase, and are often made of the best panels of stone to highlight the absolute beauty of the pieces themselves. Understanding the construction of stone vases will allow you to understand how to choose the best type of vase for you – whether banded in metal, or made of engraved objects, such as lions, or a simple vase with basic lines, each has a beauty that will allow you to display your flowers with confidence.

vases from semi-presious stones

Doesn’t it take away from the flowers?

One of the concerns people have is that ornate vases will take away from the beauty of the flowers, or that people will admire the vase and not the flowers – in most case, this isn’t true, but having a vase that’s comment worthy will also encourage people to give you flowers – after all, you’re making a bold and luxurious statement about how you view your flowers. If you’re willing to use something so beautiful to display your flowers, you must, after all, really love flowers.

So while people might admire your vase, they’ll also admire your taste and the beauty of the flowers on display will be considered greater, as will your sense of taste and decorating acumen.

Decor versus statement

Some people choose vases to blend with their décor – they have a specific colour set that they enjoy and have decorated with those colours in a way that makes them happy – while others choose to select vases that work ‘against’ the colour of their room to make a bold fashion statement about their colour beliefs and needs. It’s critical when looking at these choices to look at what your room, and its ornamentation/décor already says – if everything else is blending in well, it might be a good idea to keep the statement concept to ‘blend’ rather than ‘stand out’. If you’ve got an eclectic collection of ornamentation, then you can create an additional statement with a semi-precious vase that stands out in your room without being overbearing.

Whatever you choose, it’s critical to ensure that you work with your likes and dislikes and choose a vase that works well as a vase, as well as a statement piece.

Semi-precious stone vases are designed to make an ornamental statement without working against the design and décor of the room. Made from the same semi-precious stone as jewellery boxes, you can be sure they are of the best quality.

Your move – the class of stone chess sets

Nothing says opulence and class when playing chess than a gorgeous, well designed piece.  Whether you’ve chosen a small set or a larger one, in a variety of designs, stone chess sets are often a bold statement of both intelligence and challenge – and there are very few that can resist that challenge.

Stone chess boards

One of the most beautiful uses of hand crafted stone is creating a custom inlaid board – that way, the unique elements and beauty of the stone can be used to their full potential, enhancing the gorgeousness of their individual, unique elements without creating problems for the user.  They can be polished down and matched to the needs of any space, or inlay, and more importantly, make sturdy overlays for the squares or edges, or all areas of the board.  Several stones can be combined to allow the offset of one stone against another.  One of the critical considerations here is that the stones should look good side by side and more importantly, that you should like the chosen combination of stones.

Semi-precious stones, paired with edges in metal, or wood would give you the best designed combination, and will look best with pieces of most matching stone sets.  Most striking of all however is the combination of a black and white stones on a matching chess board.  The contrast will create a great looking conversation piece as well as a well-loved board game.

Stone chess sets

Another great combination is a simple board paired with a gorgeous set of chess pieces, sculpted expertly from stone.  There are several dozen designs that work well with each type of stone, but most stone chess sets are gorgeous, no matter what the end design.

All elements of the stone should be clear and unscratched, there should be a strong aesthetic imagery created by the stone, and most of all, the pieces should be strong and able to withstand use – there’s no point in having a fragile chess set, or you’ll be too scared to use it. One of the more critical areas of consideration here is that expensive stone, such as precious minerals, may cost far too much to create a set from, but may make a beautiful inlay, while semi-precious stones are more suited to these chess sets the best.

It’s critical to consider which stone you like best when choosing these chess sets – but it’s equally important to consider whether you’re going to store or display the pieces – you’ll need to consider an appropriate and sturdy storage box if required, or you can keep your chess set on display.  Either way, you’ll find that your chess set gains admiring glances whenever set up, and give you dozens of great games.

Choosing your favourite stone chess set will allow you to find a gorgeous game board find something with the same high quality as handmade jewellery in our gift shop.

Stone desk sets as the perfect corporate gift

Ever struggled to find the perfect gift for your office bound companion?  How about that graduate starting in a new job in a corporate cube?  Writing and desk sets are the ideal gift for your new office starter, or someone that’s been in their office for a while, because they make the table come alive.  Stone writing corporate desk sets are often designed to look great, whilst serving several functions – card holder, clock, and a resting place for pens, pencils and other materials that you might need in your job.  Most of all though, they make the perfect gift.

Desk sets for the office junior

A starter desk set can be designed to hold business cards – a stone writing corporate desk sets can not only brighten up a desk, and serve as a functional, practical focal point for those all-important contacts that they can use to build their career later.  With built in clocks, they come in a range of colours to suit every room, and every taste.
It’s of critical importance to understand that these stone gifts aren’t mass produced, so each can be tailored and chosen based on the individual likes and dislikes of the person that is receiving it.  If you’re not sure whether they’ve got a specific stone that they like, you might want to choose something like serpentine (black/grey/green) or agate (a slice of colour).

The eponymous gift for managers and seniors

Table sets are often the best way to commemorate a wonderful career, show a mark of respect for your beloved mentor.  You can choose them, again, based on colour or preferences, and chances are, you’ll know what their favourite colours or stones or designs are. Stone writing desk sets come in one of a range of several designs which hold business cards, pens, and can be inset with clocks or feature other ornaments to complete their look.  Again, as they aren’t mass produced, they are unique, so is a good, solid gift for anyone that looks for something unique, yet functional.

The best gift to commemorate a job well done

When people eventually retire, they’ll still need a stone writing desk set– having a good set to also commemorate their time in business will give them something with fond memories to instil their joy and enjoyment of work into.  A writing set will also give your retiree the possibility to use it over the rest of their lives, and allow them to store any cards of people they want to keep in touch with.  The art of writing is something that many people treasure, even in the electronic age, so if you’re sure that your retiree would like to keep in touch, and write; this is the gift to offer them.

Unique stone decorative spheres and eggs

Decorative spheres

There are a half dozen uses for decorative spheres – from book ends to ornaments, but if you’re looking for decorative spheres with a bit of class and good looks, then you should look no further than semi-precious stone decorative spheres.  They are elegant and understated without being too difficult to care for.

What are stone decorative spheres?

Stone decorative spheres and eggs are stones that are shaped and polished smooth, in either a circular or egg shaped block.  It can be made of any stone that can take a polish and hold that shape, though for obvious reasons, semi-precious stones lend themselves best to that type of ornament, simply because it’s not so rare as it would be prohibitive to produce, or would be small or skimpy, but is still uncommon enough to be eye-catching.  One of the best things about semi-precious stone decorative spheres is that no two are alike and you can rely on them to be comforting and cool to the touch while being gorgeous wherever you place them.

Best placed in natural sunlight that lets the stone show and share its natural beauty with its surroundings, plus take a tiny bit of the cold off the surface of the stone, without making it too warm to handle, decorative spheres and eggs are best placed in stands, singly or in sets.

Decorative spheres

Ranges of choice

There are a range of choices that anyone can use to work with their décor or their favourite stone choices – it’s all dependant on a myriad of factors that ultimately come down to end user preference.  But one of the more important areas to consider is where you’re going to display them – if you’re planning on storing them on a shelf, or other area where they can fall from, you need to have them stored on a stand of some description, or work with them adhered to a base of some description to ensure that they don’t fall and smash, crack or break.

There are various stones in several sets of designs, styles and groups of manufacture that you can choose from – either singly, or in sets, semi-precious decorative spheres and eggs are some of the best choices for an offbeat, quirky ornament, or set of ornaments, then choose a citrine, jasper, or dolomite set of decorative spheres.  Agate and other stones also make great decorative spheres of stone.

Do they contain energy?

Some people believe that stones contain ‘healing’ energy, or other forms of resonance that people react with.  It’s possible that they contain a magnetic charge of some description, but others believe that this is a placebo – people expect it to happen.  If you experience this ‘energy’ from a stone, it’s possible that you’re especially attuned to those stones, and should enjoy them accordingly.

Choosing a decorative sphere from a company that also makes handmade jewellery means that you know that the stone they are using is both good quality, and looks highly attractive.

Mantel clocks – an elegant solution

Mantel clocks are designed to give collectors and users alike the best of both worlds – they are elegant time pieces that create an air of gorgeous abandon without a designer price tag. It’s critical in most cases for the end user to understand that mantel clocks were historically designed to replace grandfather clocks, making them more portable, easier to store and taking up less space. Which style to choose?

There are a vast myriad of styles that you can choose from when looking at mantle clocks – from small and dainty, to solid, contemporary and gorgeous. Each has its function – the clock and derives some of its beauty from the mechanism and sound it makes, while it is then decorated and created in the style that befits it most.
Contemporary, classic, or modern, each mantel clock can then be decorated.

The most beautiful clocks

One of the most beautiful clocks you’ll find is those decorated in stone. They have a life of their own, and the timbre of their tick/tock action is vastly different from those built in wood. Semi-precious or precious stones can make up the whole body of the clock, or just adorn it strategically. The choice is that of the buyer, but it is recommended that you choose a mantel clock made from or containing one of the following stones for various reasons:

Selenite – resembling shooting stars, when made into the body of clocks, selenite is said to promote a feeling of wellbeing and measured time – people may feel ‘less rushed’ when looking at selenite – it ‘heals’ as it’s going, giving a feeling of wellbeing. Couple that with a timepiece and ‘health problems will never dog your time again’. It’s silky, lustrous sheen with certain polishes makes it the ideal choice for a neutral toned room.

Jasper – purported to bring joy, this is a great time piece to give to anyone who has been bereaved, is retiring or is needing to leave the workplace for health reasons – Jasper is also the stone of Virgo, and brings luck to anyone under its sign. Its balance and measured nature means time feels like it’s ticking at its regular speed.

Agate – not only does it look gorgeous, but agate is reported to symbolise longevity and sanity – the great gift for a doctor’s office. Many people like Agate simply because it’s one of the prettiest rocks and looks like a slice of time itself. Paired with a timepiece it’s often a gorgeous addition to anyone willing to look at themselves in a positive light and is perfect in a modern environment.

No matter what Mantel clock you choose, there’s one out there for you, made of one of the stones you prefer. Just look around and see what you find.

Mantel clocks are easy to find – with a range of semi-precious stones to match and cater to any budget, why not treat yourself to some handmade jewellery at the same time?

Semi-precious storage for your jewellery

Jewellry boxes are often the first thing people see before looking at their jewellery, and like choosing an appropriate colour to decorate your room affects your mood, choosing the perfect jewellery box, plain or adorned, will put you in the right frame of mind for picking your pieces for the day or night ahead. Semi-precious jewellery boxes are also often a delight to look at and will create an atmosphere of pleasure and delight in your bedroom or dressing room just by sitting them in sunlight or under a key lighted area. Many people find that they store their jewellery more easily when the box looks good, as their eye is naturally drawn to it on returning home.

Semi-precious jewellery boxes

A growing trend in the design and materials that make up gift boxes is semiprecious stones, such as Serpentine, or Rhodonite.Serpentine is a relatively hard stone, which comes from the Far East and New Zealand, and resembles the hide of a snake. Its predominant green is broken up by veins and patches of white, black, or brown, and is a lustrous piece of stone that remains cool to the touch, smooth, and holds a high gloss shine when polished appropriately. Other stones, such as Malachite might be more expensive to make jewellry boxes from, but can create an entirely different ‘look’ on your dressing room table.
Semi-precious stones are thought to also affect health, possibly by slightly altering the magnetic field of the person wearing or using them, so if you have an affinity to a certain stone, or are looking for one that matches your profession, or date of birth, you can often get jewellery box made of your favourite materials. A good way to decide if a certain material works with you is to visit a store that stocks chips of these stones and see which one draws your attention and make your decision from there.

Size, weight and shape

Many people worry that they won’t find a jewellery box big enough for all of their pieces of jewellery, and while, in many cases, this is probably true, it’s important to understand that you don’t have to store absolutely everything you own in one jewellry box – you can either get a matching pair to store your pieces in and use both boxes – one for day, one for night – or you can store some in your box and rotate it out based on season, storing the others in a safe place in your house. And while it’s true that stone boxes are often heavier than their plastic or wooden counterparts, they are also often far sturdier and less prone to damage. This makes them the ideal piece to be a long lasting and gorgeous centrepiece on any dressing table, bunker or other area where you get ready for your day, or that special night out.

Our Welcome Post!

People often set certain expectations for the gift they choose. They want it to be original and unique; they want the gift to be memorable throughout life and bring genuine joy. Today’s gift market is inundated with lots of different kinds of ideas and products and one could take the easy way out by buying clothing, perfumes, computers and so on. However, does such a gift possess that highly sought originality? Obviously not!

We offer an original one-of-a-kind gift made of semi-precious stones. It’s known that any stone contains energy which it provides to its owner. Such energy may, for instance, facilitate success in business, rapid recovery from an illness; help with romance or simply serve as a safeguard or a talisman. Everyone has a stone that suits him or her, whether it is malachite, charoite, jasper, amber, serpentine, agate and so on. You will find a detailed description of each stone at our site. Here you’ll find over 500 references to gifts made of a variety of semi-precious stones, which can meet any expectations and needs versus any price from 10 to 1000 Pounds. The site exhibits boxes, candlesticks, chandeliers, smoking paraphernalia, business gifts, panels, writing gift sets, mantelpiece clocks, vases and items of jewelry.

Our products are all hand-made while meeting the most demanding environmental standards. Each item is original and unique! We find ourselves surrounded by a multitude of items and objects made of the most diverse materials. It is hard to surprise a civilized person anymore. The ability to use the goods of civilization and the accessibility of works of art made throughout many centuries has led people to take it all for granted. Nowadays, there are only a few things that can still illicit surprise and genuine delight. But wouldn’t we sometimes want to please a loved one with a gift? There are but a few items that can transcend the shell of skepticism and surfeit, illicit surprise and elation, and generate the desire to touch them over and over again while experiencing that strange primitive feeling of oneness with something ancient and exciting. Products made of stone are able to awaken a feeling of primitive awe and weakness in a person in the face of the power of nature.

Objects made of stone still exert great influence on a man and it is not surprising at all. Since old times it has been known that natural stones have the power of nature concentrated in them. Objects made of stone are always unique. Nature never makes one stone the same as another. Conventionally, it is considered that great energy lives inside each stone that can protect a person, and affect his or her destiny or even health. People are inclined to believe in magical powers of objects like talismans. Traditionally, it is objects made of stone that are used as safeguards, talismans and sources of natural energy. Presenting someone with a gift made of stone – it is as if you are sharing the life-giving power of nature with your loved ones, along with its beauty and wisdom. These stone objects, presented as gifts, have always produced positive emotions.

Even the most convinced cynic and materialist, who has lost the belief in the fact that inanimate nature carries the most powerful charge of energy contained in an object made of stone, won’t contest the fact that a souvenir made of stone makes quite an unusual and original gift. The existing diversity of natural stones presents an endless choice of individual and personal gifts. Before deciding to buy a stone object for a gift, you must imagine the person who is intended to receive such a gift. Some stones seem to radiate the energy of power and stability, calm assurance and might. The objects made of stone having such energy will make a great present for men. Such manly stones having the distinct positive energy are first of all malachite and nephrite. Other stones at the very first touch create the feeling of gentle femininity and softness, warmth and amenability.

Objects made of stone carrying feminine energy can touch and melt the heart of the most inaccessible beauty. Give a woman a topaz or opal, a ruby or cornelian and you shall see how her voice will become softer while her look becomes more favorable. It is all due to the energy contained in the stone conveying to us the wisdom and power of nature through the centuries.